What is the text about?

Nowadays, many people have realized that agriculture is much more important than other supporting tools in economic development in Indonesia: agriculture should be the priority of development because of some good reasons.

First, the agriculture’s contribution at the beginning of the development of the country was the highest of all sectors. At present, almost half of the total Indonesian labors are working in the agriculture sector, but the contribution of the agriculture sector is not reaching 30 percent.

Second, the agriculture sector is expected to fulfill the need for food in the country. As the number of population increases in an alarming rate each year, food supply must also increase but agricultural production per capita never increase more than one percent each year, and in some extreme cases, it is even stagnant.

Finally yet importantly, without agricultural development, the growth of the industrial sector will be hampered because the growth that comes from industry will bring a wider gap into the internal economy in that country. In turn, this gap will create serious poverty problem wider inequality of income distribution, and increase unemployment.

Based on the above discussion, it is obvious that the government should put agriculture as the priority of national development.

What is the text about?


jawaban yang tepat adalah “The text is about the government of Indonesia should put agriculture as the priority of national development.